Will the flu get you?

Well yes its that time of year again and many people are walking around carrying those lovely bacteria and virus strains that cause the flu or common cold.

So when it comes down to the nitty gritty of fighting colds and flu’s theres really only one place to go….. your local health store. This is simply because they will give you advice you need and suggest a product or routine thats right for just you.

To prevent getting sick your daily routine may consist of:

  • Ensuring you wash your hand frequently for atleast 20 seconds everytime with soapy water to wash away those germs that cling to us.
  • Practicing to keep your hands away from touching yours or other peoples faces.
  • When coughing or sneezing do it onto your arm rather than your hands or even better yet into a tissue, which you can then throw away.
  • Stock up on plenty of clean water and make sure you keep drinking atleast 8 glasses daily, this will help keep your body hydrated and cool.
  • Exercising regularly and eat health food to ensure your body is at its fighting best!

Good luck and stay warm!

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